The SanDisk Extreme Team is a group of professional photographers whose vision is as uncompromising as their equipment.

For true artistic inspiration, immerse yourself in the stories and galleries of the globetrotting photographers of SanDisk's Extreme Team. This group of professional photographers travels farther and harder than anyone else to capture their very best pictures and videos. Using SanDisk's high-performance memory cards, the Extreme Team captures riveting images of exploding volcanoes, breathtaking ecosystems, and inspiring human stories from around the world.

Akito Mizutani

Akito Mizutani is a pioneering sports photographer in all sports categories including snow, water sport, soccer, and gymnastics. He is world-renowned for his artistic approach of capturing and expressing motion and movement within sports photography. In 1970, he held his first acclaimed photo gallery "Ski, Pushing the Limits" and since then, his works have been used in many magazines, books, and exhibitions. In 2001, Mr. Mizutani established a sports photography training school to inspire Japan's next generation of professional photographers. Mr. Mizutani has also been the chairman of AJPS since 1993 and leading Japanese sports photography for over 20 years. He received the Yamaha Challenge Award in 2011 and the JPS Artist Award in 2007. Based on these accomplishment plus many other personal and professional accolades we graciously welcome Mr. Mizutani as a member of the SanDisk Extreme Team Legends.