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Andrés Magai

Andrés Magai is a photographer, journalist and adventurer. As tireless traveler, he is most passionate about Africa, its people, its landscapes and its animals.

Born in Lima (Peru) with Spanish nationality, Andrés currently resides near Barcelona, Spain. With extensive experience in travel photography, Andrés organizes Photo Safari workshops for professional and amateur photographers in America, Europe, but especially in Africa (Kenya and Tanzania). In addition to that, Andrés has a great passion for hot air ballooning, an activity that gave him amazing experiences, incredible shots and unforgettable moments.

Co-author with Rafael Marquez of book "Cuadernos de Africa," it's the first book that has been written and published in Spain which is a complete guide to the world of safari photography. His works have been published in a large number of nature and travel magazines as well as general newspaper. At present, Andrés is a regular contributor to famous Travel and Photo magazines, and regular collaborator on Spanish radio talk shows.

Andrés primarily works with Olympus and Panasonic digital cameras in 4/3 and M4/3 formats, with lenses from the 8 mm up to 400 mm f.4 objectives, and always shoots with SanDisk Extreme memory cards.