The SanDisk Extreme Team is a group of professional photographers whose vision is as uncompromising as their equipment.

For true artistic inspiration, immerse yourself in the stories and galleries of the globetrotting photographers of SanDisk's Extreme Team. This group of professional photographers travels farther and harder than anyone else to capture their very best pictures and videos. Using SanDisk's high-performance memory cards, the Extreme Team captures riveting images of exploding volcanoes, breathtaking ecosystems, and inspiring human stories from around the world.

Souheil Semaan

Capturing Culture the World Over

Born and brought up in Lebanon, Souheil Semaan ( is a photographer with many talents. He graduated in 1990 with distinction from the highly regarded MJM School of Photography and worked as a test photographer for a leading model agency, perfecting his skills as a portrait photographer and gaining valuable experience in the world of fashion and art. Later, Souheil turned his focus to photojournalism and traveled around the world capturing life and war in action. He photographed the Lebanese war, was in Eastern Europe to capture the fall of communism on film, and covered the crisis in Yugoslavia during the early days of the Balkan conflict.

Over the years, Souheil has developed a reputation as one of the region's best and most innovative photographers. Souheil lectures at universities across the Middle East, North Africa and Europe and is frequently commissioned by professional photographers to hold private seminars and workshops. Souheil is also a founder member of the mepp, a program created to guide and help photographers ethically and in terms of copyrights, mepp was launched in January 12 2007 through an exhibition that evolved 25 of the most talented photographers in the UAE. Soheil relies on SanDisk Extreme® memory cards to capture the world's culture.

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