The SanDisk Extreme Team is a group of professional photographers whose vision is as uncompromising as their equipment.

For true artistic inspiration, immerse yourself in the stories and galleries of the globetrotting photographers of SanDisk's Extreme Team. This group of professional photographers travels farther and harder than anyone else to capture their very best pictures and videos. Using SanDisk's high-performance memory cards, the Extreme Team captures riveting images of exploding volcanoes, breathtaking ecosystems, and inspiring human stories from around the world.

Marcelo Maragni

Capturing Extreme Sports from a Different Point of View

Marcelo Maragni ( was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In his mother's eyes, he was meant to be an architect in a quest of changing the world. Instead, he preferred to take possession of his father's camera and learn another craft on his own.

Curious and inventive, his career has been led by the challenge to create new and striking images. Maragni specializes in extreme action sports, but also shots other kinds of photography such as fashion, dance, travel, and nature, always pursuing experience and complementary techniques.

Maragni believes that technology supports creativity, expanding the possibilities of photography. However, he won't leave the pencil and paper... he always carries a pocket notebook for new photo ideas and equipment adaptations in a tireless effort to keep his job ever evolving.

Marcelo uses SanDisk Extreme® memory cards to capture unique extreme sports images each and every time.