The SanDisk Extreme Team is a group of professional photographers whose vision is as uncompromising as their equipment.

For true artistic inspiration, immerse yourself in the stories and galleries of the globetrotting photographers of SanDisk's Extreme Team. This group of professional photographers travels farther and harder than anyone else to capture their very best pictures and videos. Using SanDisk's high-performance memory cards, the Extreme Team captures riveting images of exploding volcanoes, breathtaking ecosystems, and inspiring human stories from around the world.

Terrell Lloyd

Behind Every Great Photo is Great Technology

Terrell Lloyd (, currently one of the San Francisco 49ers team photographers, is known for his special combination of artistic vision and cutting-edge technology. He made a name for himself in 1992 shooting weddings, portraits, large corporate events and high-tech products around Silicon Valley. Always an avid football fan, in 1994 he was given the opportunity to shoot on the sidelines at a San Francisco 49ers game-and his passion for sports photography exploded. Today he travels with the 49ers, taking artistic shots that capture the essence of the game and often tell a greater story. This experience has opened many doors for Terrell, enabling him to cover other major sporting events such as the PGA Golf Tour, Professional Tennis, the NFL Super Bowl, MLB Baseball, the NBA, and more.

In addition to running his full-time business, in May 2006 Terrell Lloyd was selected by Canon USA to join their Explorers of Light program, a select group of top professional photographers from around the world to provide educational programs around the country.

Terrell uses SanDisk Extreme® memory cards to ensure that he captures every play.

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