Career Development at SanDisk

Regardless of your level, role, or experience, there’s always room to grow. You may want to grow your career vertically, gaining deeper expertise in a set area, or you may want to broaden your career with cross-functional experience. Ultimately, you own your career, and at SanDisk, we provide a number of ways to accomplish your career goals.

Learning & Development

We want you to continue to explore ways to enhance your skills, knowledge, business acumen and personal development. Below are a few of the formal training programs and resources we offer.

Online and instructor-led skill training

Western Digital and industry-specific training

Tuition Reimbursement

Manager and Senior Leader Development programs

Customized team training




Exposure to a variety of people is another key method of developing your career. This includes receiving coaching or mentoring as well as networking with other industry professionals. Western Digital offers a variety of opportunities to gain exposure through work-based project teams or Western Digital-sponsored committees and programs.


  • Women’s Innovation Network – Our Women’s Innovation Network is an executive-led program that focuses on developing an inclusive network that enables women's highest potential in the workplace.

  • Highly Interactive New Hire Orientation – will kick start your Western Digital career.

  • Hackathon – A regular event where teams around the world code for 24 hours and produce creative solutions to identified problems or challenges.

  • Online Business Unit Specific Technical Training and Resources – created by internal subject matter experts from across the company to promote advanced company and industry knowledge to promote career growth.


The Value of Experience


The majority of your development will occur with hands-on tasks and challenges in your current job and by taking on stretch projects. We’re a dynamic, global company and always innovating. Because of this, you’ll have opportunities to be a part of cross-functional projects which will challenge you to push the boundaries of technology and your skill set.

Providing you with the right tools and resources to develop your career is important to us. Together, we can grow your career.

"As a combined company Western Digital and SanDisk have diverse career opportunities ranging from leading edge technology development, complex storage device and system engineering, high volume component and system manufacturing and broad go to market channels including Retail, Distribution and OEM/Enterprise customers. Wherever your interest lies, we have difficult problems that require smart people to help find the best solutions."

– Manish Bhatia,
Executive Vice President,
Silicon Operations