Data Revolution <p>How AI & Machine Learning Are Remaking Our World</p>

August 25 - August 25

Data Revolution

How AI & Machine Learning Are Remaking Our World

San Francisco, California, United States

Join Western Digital, Bloomberg and Invited Speakers via livestream on Aug 25 as they discuss How AI and Machine Learning are Remaking Our World. More than 60 years since artificial intelligence was first defined as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines,” AI is headed for mainstream. The advent of deep learning, the power and possibilities of big data and the plummeting cost of computing power and storage, have made machine-learning technologies as ubiquitous as they are transformative. This half-day event will explore the vast promise of this technology revolution and weigh them against concerns over privacy, safety and control.

VMworld US 2016

August 28 - September 01

VMworld US 2016

Las Vegas, NV, United States

For those looking to dive into the latest in virtualization and cloud technology, there are few opportunities as great as VMworld. Discovering the latest trends, solutions and innovations is a given as industry experts and IT professionals from around the globe meet together and discuss new ideas. For SanDisk, VMworld is an exciting opportunity to meet with you and discuss how flash is enabling innovation in the modern data center. We’ll see you there!