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The business day never ends. SanDisk flash memory solutions help you improve customer satisfaction and increase productivity by dramatically boosting the performance and capabilities of your data center. There’s no reason to wait.


Get out of the Spin Cycle 

Traditional hard drives are the Achilles' heel of the data center. Flash eliminates the inherent bottlenecks so you can achieve higher levels of performance with less hardware, software, maintenance and overall cost.

6X Application Performance With 6X Less Hardware

What is the essence of flash? By increasing data velocity by 100x or more, flash optimizes data centers and application performance. AT Internet accelerated database requests by 6x with 1/6th the hardware.1 Check out our case studies to see what's possible.


Flash memory solutions are not a single technology. They are a synthesis of hardware, software and design know-how that can be deployed in a variety of ways to enhance your operations.


SanDisk systems provide 50x better performance than equivalent hard drive-based systems.2


Flash-based systems also ease the burden on external cooling by using 80% less power.2


We also deliver 5x the density of hard drive systems. That means lower capex and opex.2


Comprehensive solutions for Big Data, mobile networks and other applications that need massive capacity and throughput.


SATA, SAS, PCIe, SSDs, add-in cards: we offer a wide portfolio of product to maximize performance and ROI.


Traditional storage software was designed with hard drives in mind. SanDisk brings out the best in flash with applications like FlashSoft and ioVDI.

7,000 customers and growing

Over 7,000 customers, including over 75% of the Fortune 100 and many of the Internet's hottest companies, have deployed SanDisk flash solutions for data centers in over 250,000 locations. See how flash can accelerate your business.


Zendesk, creator of the first and only true “Help Desk 2.0” solution, provides functionality for over 10,000 companies—including Twitter, Groupon, OpenTable, and Rackspace—using its enterprise Software as a Service solution.

help desk

ZenDesk increased the number of simultaneous queries its database could handle from 1,000 per second to 3,000 per second with Fusion ioMemory™ products and lowered their hardware footprint while raising reliability and uptime.1


1. The performance results and cost savings discussed herein are based on internal testing. Results and performance may vary according to configurations and systems, including drive capacity, system architecture and applications. 

2. Metrics when compared to typical HDDs deployed in Hadoop infrastructure, per the “Metrics Deploying Flash--Accelerated Hadoop with InfiniFlash by SanDisk”.


Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or five person startup, SanDisk has solutions that will help you get the most out of your infrastructure.


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